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I am a fireworks fan (Karen says I’m a fanatic). When I was buying my Fireworks at stands, I had an extremely hard time finding staff that knew their products & I often felt like the price I got, wasn’t fair. Karen and I started our stand in hopes of building a loyal clientele of fireworks enthusiasts. We are trying to accomplish this by taking less profit, providing a lower price, and by knowing our products. We have all seen discount fireworks, buy one get five free, and any number of other claims made by other fireworks retailers. We have yet to find a stand anywhere in our area selling products as low overall as we sell ours. Almost all of our products are 10% to 25% lower than the competition. We hope you will compare, find all this to be true, and join our group of loyal fireworks enthusiasts. Let Karen, myself, or our staff help you find what you and your family need to celebrate your holidays or special events. Go to our online store for product list and prices. Feel free to click on a demonstration of the product you are interested in seeing.

Permanent Fireworks Seasons are December 20th to January 1st & June 24th to July 4th.

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